Liste des publications 2023

Hilali, S.; Van Gheluwe, L.; Yagmur, M.; Wils, L.; Phelippe, M.; Clément-Larosière, B.; Montigny, B.; Jacquemin, J.; Thiery, E.; Boudesocque-Delaye, L. NaDES-based biorefinery of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis): A new path for sustainable high value-added metabolites. Separation and Purification Technology, 2023, 125123.

Thiery, E.; Delaye, P.-O.; Thibonnet, J.; Boudesocque-Delaye, L. Mechanochemical Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling with Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent as Liquid-Assisted Grinding Additive: merging two fileds for a greener strategy. Eur J. Org. Chem., 2023, e202300727.

Xie, C.; Chen, Z.; Yoo, CG.; Shen, X.; Hou, Q.; Boudesocque-Delaye, L. Editorial: The application of green chemistry in biomass valorization: green route, green catalyst and green solvent. Front. Chem., 2023,

Miclon, M.; Courtot, E.; Guégnard, F.; Lenhof, O.; Boudesocque-Delaye, L.; Matard-Mann, M.; Nyvall Collén, P.; Castagnone-Sereno, P.; Neveu, C. The brown Alga Bifurcata bifurcata Presents an Anthelmintic Activity on All Developmental Stages of the Parasitic nematode Heligmosomoides polygyrus bakeri. Pathogens, 2023, 12, 540.