The eco-extraction of biomass part of our laboratory focuses on the use of Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent (NaDES) as an advantageous alternative for biomass extraction. NaDES are considered a new generation of ionic liquids, composed of a hydrogen bond acceptor (HBA), usually choline chloride or betaine, and a hydrogen bond donor (HBD), sugars or polyols . Their association forms a network of hydrogen bonds resulting in the lowering of the melting point of the mixture of solids.


The team is currently working on the development of an original library of new NADES, in particular non-polar, from their designs to their characterizations, including the development of new production methods (J. Mol. Liq. 2020, 311 , 113361).

These NaDES are used for the extraction of microalgae, in partnership with manufacturers, with the objective of recovering their metabolites (ANR DERMIC 2020-2023). A multistep biorefinery approach mainly using NaDES to produce several high added value ingredients from biomass is currently being developed.

An extension to higher plants of the NaDES systems developed is proposed within the framework of the Eco-Responsible Integrated Processes for Cosmetic Ingredients (PIERIC) ARD CVL 2020-2023 project.