Applied research

Molecular diversity and new biomass eco-extraction methods developed within the SIMBA unit are exploited in the context of collaborations with teams of biologists. The objectives are to study the pharmacological properties of new compounds, with a view to use in human or veterinary medicine or to be used as a pharmacological tool, or to propose new applications to specific biomasses such as microalgae, or new formulation approaches. We have chosen to direct our work mainly in the fields of anti-cancer drugs, anti-infectives and cosmetics. The first part focuses on the design of anti-cancer molecules inspired by natural molecules, such as lamellarins or harmine. New trifluoromethoxylated analogues of tamoxifen are also being developed. The second part is focused on the search for new anti-infectious therapies (antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal). The third part focuses on developing new formulation methods and finding new applications for extracts obtained by eco-extraction.